Nobody ever wants their home to get broken into, but it’s an unfortunate reality that some of us might have to face. If it does happen to you, don’t panic and keep a level head. Here are 5 things to do immediately if you get broken into.

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

#1 – Gather your family to safety

Two possible scenarios can happen in a burglary. One, you could be inside your house when an intruder barges in or two, you could be somewhere else when a break-in happens.

If the former occurs, try to collect your family as quietly as possible and lock yourself in a safe, inaccessible part of the house. Better yet, leave the house if you can. You’d like to avoid any confrontations with the offenders in the event that they’re ready to result in violence.

If you’re out of the house when a break-in happens, we still recommend leaving the house in case the intruders come back. Gather your family to safety and immediately proceed to the next step.

#2 – Call the police

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

Alert the authorities as soon as you’re in a safe place. In Brisbane, call 000 to report a potentially life-threatening and ongoing break-in, or 131 444 if the burglary is no longer in progress. For an ongoing burglary, it’s important to stay calm, quiet, yet alert until the police arrive and handle the situation. Otherwise, if the burglary has already ended and you’ve fled to safety, wait for the police to clear and secure the scene before you come home.

#3 – Assess your losses

After you’ve reported to the authorities and filed a police report, this is the time for you to work hand in hand with the police to gather evidence. If you have security cameras in your residence, provide the authorities with access to aid with the investigation. Do not touch anything until you are cleared to do so as you might tamper with important evidence. Take photographs of the scene and assess your losses.

Make a list of all the items you’ve lost and list down their approximate value. Cash, jewellery, gadgets, and other electronics are common items that get targeted during a burglary. If you own a safe, check if it’s been taken or broken into. If any of your cards were stolen, call your bank right away to cut access to your cards. If any of your phones have been stolen, call your mobile phone provider to block your phone right away in case the offenders try to access more of your information.

#4 – Contact your insurance company

Once you’ve assessed your losses and the police report has been filed, contact your insurance company immediately. Your insurance provider normally limits the allowable reporting window to within 30 days of the break-in, but it’s best to do this immediately. Provide the list of stolen items with their estimated value, as well as photos and video evidence. The insurance company will then send a claims adjuster to your home to review your policy coverage, as well as assess the monetary amount of losses you can recoup.

#5 – Repair and protect your home against future break-ins

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

Things to Do Immediately If You Get Broken Into

It can be emotionally exhausting to deal with a break-in, but you’ll need to take the next steps at rebuilding both your home and life.

Take the time to assess the weak points in your home security, and work on improving them to prevent future break-ins. Repair and upgrade your locks, get a better safe if needed, or even consider a full-scale security system. Barrier Locksmith is your number one choice for locks and security services in Brisbane. Our licensed and qualified locksmiths offer superior services at a competitive price. Contact us at 0429 197 981 or through our website to get fast free quotes.