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Break-ins: An ounce of prevention

Anyone who has ever experienced a home robbery will know the lurching, sick feeling when you first realise you’ve been broken in to, and the sense of violation that follows, only too well.

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Professional locksmiths as well as your grandmother will tell you that locks only keep honest people out, and that points to the fact that many, many robberies are opportunistic. You don’t need to be a professional criminal to gain access through open doors or windows or flimsily secured ones, and this is where you can take control.

Professionals like Reif at Barrier Locksmiths are a font of wisdom about locks and security and the all-important issue of taking chance out of the risk of break-in equation, or at least how to slow down any more determined attempts to gain access to your home or business premises.

“Always lock your screen door with a key if you don’t have a screen guard,” advises Reif. “Otherwise they can stick their hand through the door and pick up things nearby like your wallet or purse, or, quite commonly these days, your car keys – and then they’re off with your car.”

“And don’t leave your garage doors open during the day. That’s inviting a break-in, or the chance for someone to look around and see what you’ve got for later.”

Clearing things out of your yard is also an important preventative measure: “Don’t leave shovels around, for example, or anything that could be used to prise windows and doors open.”

“Visibility is important, too. Installing sensor lights is a great idea, and so is trimming hedges and other foliage so you don’t give an intruder somewhere to hide or privacy as they break in,” he counsels.

Finally, he likes to warn people moving to a new address to get their windows and doors re-keyed. You don’t know who had the key when the previous owners or tenants were living there. “Previous tenants letting themselves in with their old key a couple of years after they moved out – I see that one quite often.”

A little common sense and an ounce of prevention sure go a long way when it comes to home security.

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