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Barrier Locksmiths provide 24/7 service

When your work provides 24/7 service

Living the on-call life: when your services are required around the clock. We asked Reif of Barrier Locksmiths what called him to his profession of 24/7 service – often at the behest of people in quandaries, if not emergencies.

Key brick safe

People are always glad to see you, he says, and he likes helping people out of a jam. Yes, he sleeps with his phone by the bed, and although emergency calls are not a nightly occurrence, they are regular enough for him and his staff.

However, sometimes the best solution for a person who locked out themselves out of their home is to go to a friend or relative’s place for the night.

“I always ask if the person if they are able to pay on completion by cash or EFTPOS, as unfortunately I’ve been burned too often with the person never paying. So I am a bit worldlier now than at first, still compassionate, but even the nicest-seeming people can just never get around to paying you. And an overnight call-out is not cheap – it starts at around $140 and goes up with distance travelled and time. A middle-of-the-night callout to Logan, for example, can get really expensive.”

“And some people never learn – I’ve had the same person lock themselves out five times in six months. Truly!”

As always, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. How to prevent locking yourself out and the expense of a locksmith on emergency call-out?

“Try to keep a spare key with a relative or neighbour that you trust.”

Another good idea is to bolt a key brick safe to a wall. “You punch in a combination to unlock it and keep a spare key in there. It’s a really good idea for elderly people, so ambulances can open up if needs be.”

But it’s a great idea for the rest of us, too. “I’ve got one at my house, which I use if I am going away and need someone to do something in the house or feed the cat.”

Key brick safes are available through Barrier Locksmiths. You can call for a quote today on 0429 197 981.

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