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Barrier Locksmiths recommends the Kidde/GE key brick

Kidde/GE key brick

Lock yourself out?

We’ve all done it. Perhaps you were distracted as you left the house, or perhaps you left your keys at work. Perhaps you lost your keys, or your bag was stolen with your keys in it. Whatever the scenario, now you have to figure out how to let yourself back in.

At Barrier Locksmiths, we take calls all the time from people just like you in one of those scenarios. Invariably, it is an upsetting and inconvenient situation, and if you haven’t made provision for it, it can also be an expensive one, especially if your call-out is overnight.


Let yourself in

For many, a good solution – or at least a good source of peace of mind if the problem never arises – is to have a Kidde/GE key brick installed in an accessible front of house area.

This excellent home security product is installed by mounting it permanently on a flat surface in a suitable place near your front door. It works like a safe for one or two keys – you simply enter a code selected by you. An interlocking faceplate is resistant to tampering, and you can update your access code whenever you like in a straightforward, user-friendly process.


Family members and caretakers

For an economical price, you can not only have safe and fail-safe solution to being locked out, but also to leave a key out for others securely. Now you can avoid inconvenient and less secure alternatives such as having to duplicate and distribute spare keys to family members and trusted others such as carers and caretakers who you want to give access to.

At Barrier Locksmiths, we love an elegant solution as much as you do. Take the key brick option and sleep well knowing you have got yourself covered for all lost key or spare key eventualities.

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