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Fire safety compliance and security with the double cylinder deadlatch

Fire safety compliance and your security

Residential fire safety has been in the news and on everyone’s minds since the recent horrific Grenfell Tower tragedy in London. Authorities here as well as in the UK have been auditing and reviewing cladding for flammability – and in some cases making some alarming findings that are also, thankfully, being swiftly addressed.

And who among us did not find themselves thinking about the fire safety of their own dwelling? Rest assured, compliance with fire safety regulations does not have to mean leaving your house or unit less secure.


Spate of break and enters to units

Recently, we at Barrier Locksmiths have seen an upswing in contact from customers who have experienced break and enters. These have been noticeably prevalent in units, and have involved thieves forcing the lever lock. As a result, Barrier has spoken to numerous tenants who share a keenness to hear about ways they can boost the security on their residence.

With the haunting memory of Grenfell still fresh on our collective minds, everyone has also wanted to find security solutions that also provide peace of mind by ensuring compliance with fire regulations.


The 001 deadlatch

deadlatchTo address the dual concerns of tenants of residential units, Barrier Locksmiths recommend professional installation of a 001 double cylinder deadlatch. The Lockwood 001 is Australian-designed and offers leading performance and reliability for security and durability. It offers peace of mind also due to its cut-resistant stainless steel bolt and 11 concealed anchorage points. Importantly, it is fully compliant with residential fire safety regulations and Australian Safety Standard AS4145.2-2009 SL7D8C6.

Other market-leading advantages to this high security protection model are that it comes in knob and lever versions and has a hold-back function for when you just want to use the door as a passageway.

Reif Aitken of Barrier Locksmiths recommends the 001 deadlatch to address those dual concerns of security and fire compliance. It is sturdy enough to prevent would-be many a would-be thief from gaining entry, or at the very least will slow them down and cost them precious time. Adding to its appeal, especially for those looking to upgrade security on their present residence is that in most cases it can be keyed to suit your existing key.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve, and contact Barrier Locksmiths today for professional installation of the 001 double cylinder deadlatch.

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