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Installing a Security System

What is a Security System?

A security system is installed and intended for the purpose of detecting intrusion or unauthorised entry into a building or area.  A security system can be as simple or complex as required and often consist of a number of key elements:

A Security Pad – The security pad is part of the primary control panel for the security system giving authorised personnel the ability to either engage or disengage an active security system or particular areas of a security system via the entry of a code, finger scan, retina scan, etc. depending on the level of security required at the premises. Finger and retina scans are commonly used for larger more complex security systems or areas of high security. The most common form of entry is the use of an individual code developed for each authorised person easily identifying who has accessed areas. In your general home security system a single code for the entire family would usually suffice.

More than one entry point can be identified and control panels can be connected that entry and exit can be transferred from one panel to the next, allowing resident to enter through the front gate and then reengaging the security system from the comfort of their home.

Sensors – Sensors are strategically placed in areas that have been identified of risk of entry in an unauthorised manner. These sensors are all connected to the control panel and when triggered will set of the alarm system until such time as they are disengaged through the use of an authorised code, finger scan, retina scan, etc.

The scale of a security system will be partially dependent on the number of sensors required, both internally and externally.

Alarm System – The alarm system is the actual alarm that sounds when intrusion or unauthorised entry has been detected. An alarm can be silent which links directly to an external  monitoring security company who will respond or it may be an high-decibel siren or similar easily heard and identified.

CCTV – Closed circuit television is a system where signals are not publically distributed. It is primarily used for security and surveillance purposes. Most businesses operate a CCTV system as part of their security measures. The advantages of having a CCTV system is that footage is recorded continuously through the observation cameras located in inconspicuous places strategically place for maximum coverage. This footage may be viewed by owners, security personnel or law enforcement agencies to aid in the capture of criminals or to identify suspicious behaviour.

When considering the installation of a security system there are many companies who claim proficiency and expertise in this field. You as the client need to satisfy yourself that you are engaging a team who is experienced and capable of taking care of all your security needs now and into the future. Your business, possessions or even loved are going to be protected and you need reassurance that your new security system is going to fulfil its intended purpose. The team at Barrier Locksmiths have been servicing corporate, commercial and residential clients across Brisbane with advise and recommendation on the best level and extend of security measure required with many satisfied clients

For all your security questions and answers call the experts at Barrier Locksmiths.
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