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Lost car key; Being prepared saves you money

We’ve all had the experience of locking ourselves out of our car. And if you are not at home it can be as difficult and even distressing an experience as you’d care to have any more frequently than, well, once. Seriously, it’s not funny.

Car key in carHow can we prevent such an unfortunate eventuality? And what should we do if, heaven forbid, it does actually come to pass?

In simpler times, we had simpler car keys. All it took was a speedy visit to a hardware store any way you could get there. Car keys were basic metal objects. But these days, partly because those simple keys of yesteryear also made things simple for thieves, car keys are now seriously state-of-the art. And the job of replacing one, especially in a hurry, is also a tad more complex.

Modern car keys are harder to copy, making cars harder to steal, but that also means that replacing them can be a headache, and a very expensive one. And the more expensive your car, the more complicated and expensive the job of replacing its keys.

Electronic fobs, for example, can incur dealer costs for the programming, on top of the cost of the fob itself. You will probably only be able to go to the dealer to replace some of the more high-end smart keys.

But help is at hand for the rest of us. Reputable, professional locksmiths can very often come to the rescue. Reif of Barrier Locksmiths, one of Brisbane’s most trusted professional locksmiths, reports that he has the technology to successfully cut most new vehicle keys and repair most locks.

Prevention being worth a pound of cure, Reif advises keeping the number of your favourite locksmith in your phone, and having a second set cut and left with a trusted friend, relative or neighbour.

And if all else fails, Barrier Locksmiths offers 24/7 service across Brisbane. Call Barrier Locksmiths today to get your spare car key cut, and rest easy.

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