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Safe Servicing Brisbane

Safe Servicing Brisbane

Safe Servicing Brisbane

At Barrier Locksmiths, we firmly recommend having a safe and storing valuable items in it. Why? Well, even with all other necessary security precautions, having a safe for valuables is simply a winning play. Thieves are ingenious in terms of picking locks, forcing entry, and simply waiting for the right time. Consider that:

  • 20% of Australian homes have been burgled at some point.
  • For 75% of burglars, it takes less than 5 minutes to enter a property.
  • Burglars only go for homes where they are ‘invited’ – open windows, overflowing mailboxes, detectable keys, minimal security, open gates, etc.

Contrary to belief, a burglar is not happy to see a safe in a home. The safe can’t be carried out, and cannot be broken into unless it is a lower quality safe or the thief happens to be carrying around some heavy and sophisticated technology.

Only the person with the key to the safe can enter it. So once the key is stowed away safely, there is almost zero chance of getting compromised. Of course, there are various kinds of lock options available, but the simple key lock has been tried and tested for thousands of years. Electronic locks and biometric locks can come with multiple issues and are often cost-prohibitive.

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What Are the Problems With The Safe?

Like all great security precautions, there is one flaw. Where do you store the key to the lock? Don’t make the mistake of keeping the key near your safe, as this would completely defeat the point. The key should be on you at all times, and another key should be kept away securely. As long as you guard the key, the safe is the perfect prevention from theft.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Locks For Safes?

The different lock types for safes include:

  • Key Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Locks
  • Electronic Combination Locks
  • Biometric Lock
  • Time Locks
  • Time Delay Combination Lock
There is no single ‘best’ lock. They all have advantages and disadvantages, However, the electronic lock is a good combination. You need a pin code to access this lock, but somebody else will also have a physical key to open it in the event of an emergency. This gets around the issue of having to store the key somewhere, combining the best of both electronics and mechanical.

Can You Change The Lock On a Safe?

Absolutely.  A dial lock can be changed to an electronic one and changed back. Of course, biometrics locks are more specialized, and often over the top for most security precautions. It’s often best to stick with a good safe and take sensible precautions. Most break-ins and thefts are caused by carelessness, not weak locks, doors, or safes.

Will a Safe Really Stop a Thief?

Well, it’s far better to take the basic security precautions to prevent burglars! Dogs, a working alarm system, gates, sensors, and grilled windows are all useful deterrents. Like pests that are only attracted when there is food left out, burglars attack homes that often call for it. The best scenario is that nobody is in your home, period.

The safe, however, is still a great idea as it prevents the burglar from getting your most precious valuables. It is designed to be thief-proof. We can service your lock and give advice and recommendations on how best to secure your premise

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