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Upgrade for EOFY with Barrier Locksmiths

Upgrade for EOFY with Barrier Locksmiths

Here comes the end of financial year again – and you can make it a safe and sound new financial year by upgrading your locks and security with Barrier Locksmiths.

If it has been your new financial year resolution to look for savings on your insurance premiums, it’s a great time to check all of your locks and security systems, and opt for an upgrade.

Reif of Barrier Locksmiths recommends that if you are considering your value for money on your insurance policies, you should in particular:

  • check that all of your doors are locking and latching correctly and not swinging open when pushed
  • all windows of a certain height are key lockable within a 1.5 metre reach.

These two changes can save you a heap on premiums with most insurers.

upgrade doorAnd if you’ve left it to the last minute, don’t fret. Barrier Locksmiths has the capacity to perform most upgrades within a 24-hour turnaround, as they are well-served by wholesalers carrying most kinds of locks in bulk quantities.

Even if you have fancy door locks they can source most items can be sourced within a few days.

So call Barrier Locksmiths now for a free survey and quote on how you can better secure your home or business and save on your insurance premiums.

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